After tutoring for one year at LCA, Glenn taught a semester part time. For the last 11 years, he’s been teaching full time. He has a B.A. in Agricultural Ecology (emphasis in tropical agriculture) and has done graduate work in pomology, linguistics, and education. Everyday philosophy: God has given parents the responsibility for educating their children, me the responsibility for teaching them, but the student responsibility for his or her own learning. As a teacher, his desire is to equip students with effective tools they can use the rest of their lives to love learning of God, His creation and their place in it. His favorite verse is Isaiah 41:10. His current favorite quote is, “Wait, what?” Goals for the future are: working on his family genealogy, and continuing to learn new stuff until he goes to Heaven where he will continue learning new stuff. Glenn has three brothers and three sisters, two grown kids, and the best friend ever (many refer to her as his wife).