Dear LCA Family,

We hope you all have had a restful time during this spring break. God is kind to give us time to relax and enjoy our families. As uncertain as these days and weeks ahead may be, there is one thing of which we can be sure; God is on His throne and he cares for his people!

Given the announcement by Governor Holcomb today, we are going to follow his instructions and cancel on-campus classes until May 1 at a minimum. It is a difficult reality to think through, but we trust God in our decisions. The primary reason for the decision to not have classes on campus is our desire for all students of LCA and our community to be healthy and safe.

As you prepare your students to do their schoolwork from home, starting next week, we ask that you continue to be patient. The faculty of LCA is committed to providing an excellent Christian education to all students. Our preference is to be with the students in person enjoying community and the mutual bond of faith. This, of course, is not possible given the current situation, but we are going to meet this challenge with tenacity! The teachers are prepared to use remote learning to help your children continue in their education. Here are some basic rules and information that you can use as you plan.

  • As best as we are able, we are going to be following the normal class schedule each day for middle school and high school. We know that this presents difficulty for some families, and we want to help. Please let us know by email ( ) if you do not have enough computers in your home or if you have poor internet. Many teachers are preparing to use Zoom conferencing to present information to students and to have some face time with them. Full-time teachers are going to be available from 8:00 am-3:00 pm to answer questions about class content and assignments. Part-time teachers will be available during their normal teaching hours. Teachers may also be reached through the chat function on Teams and via email. Initially, there will be a steep learning curve for everyone, so please let’s commit to being patient and encouraging to one another.

  • We understand that it is impractical for students to treat the school day at home as if they were at school. We ask that you use this schedule as a guideline for class times. In general, the start times are accurate, but the class duration will be shorter. This will allow for students to have more transition between classes. We believe staying close to our normal routine will help give some structure to their day.

1 period – 8:00-8:45

2 period – 8:50-9:35

3 period – 9:40-10:25

4 period – 10:30-11:15

5 period – 11:20-12:05

6 period – 12:50-1:35

7 period – 1:40-2:25

8 period – 2:30-3:15

  • ALL STUDENTS in middle school and high school MUST check teams throughout the day for updates. The teachers will be using this to help hold students accountable for their classwork and to check in with them.

  • Within TEAMS, chatting is not allowed UNLESS it is directly related to classwork. We DO NOT want to keep kids from communicating with one another. We understand the importance of social communication with kids, especially at times like this. We simply want to protect the educational space and maximize its use for academics. We will encourage students to create social interaction in the right places within Teams.

  • Zoom Meetings – Many teachers will be using Zoom. Our hope is for this to be a helpful way of teaching content to students. There are a few ground rules that we need to cover. In Zoom, cameras are used to see the teacher and for students to see each other. When students are on Zoom, they should be dressed appropriately and work in a space where there is as little distraction as possible. We understand that the quiet space may be hard for some. Headphones and making sure your microphone is disabled will help keep distractions at a minimum if a quiet space is unavailable.

  • Parents of all students, K-12, should be aware that the teachers are going to be keeping in touch with you primarily through email and through Teams with students. They want to be a help to you, so please receive their communications with love.

In closing we will be sending you updates as we get new information. As you are aware this is a constantly evolving situation and we want to carefully consider everything we do. Please know, we do not send this email to overwhelm you, but to be informative.

“Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6

Pray for our country, pray for leaders, pray that God would show Himself strong through this time! Pray for the students of LCA, and please pray for the teachers who desire to provide a great Christian education for your students.

With great love for you all,

The LCA Administration